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Romantic dinner for two at your favourite restaurant? 


Want to enjoy the concert, but not have the hassle of traffic or parking?  We've got you covered!   

Sporting event

Planning on having a few brewskies at the game?  We'll get you there and back safe and sound.  

Maybe some baseball in Toronto, football in Hamilton, or how about some hockey in Toronto?  We go to Buffalo and Orchard Park too...grab your passport!


Surrounded by so many great places to shop, hire a car for an afternoon.  Whether its a mall, the outlets or a big box store, here or in the USA.  

Visit a friend

Have a friend you haven't been able to visit?  Maybe someone across the city or out of town.   We'll get you there.

Scenic drive

Everyone needs to relax a little now and then.  How about a leisurely drive up the parkway into Niagara-on-the-Lake, or a drive through the country?  No place too near or far for us!

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